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Home Fire Safety: Get Alarmed!

  Are You Alarmed? Smoke alarms. We know what they look like. We (hopefully) know where they’re located in our homes. But the question is: Do we know that they’ll work if there’s a fire? Smoke alarms are an essential component of every home. According  to the US Fire Administration, winter home fires make up a large portion of overall residential fire casualties. As commercial and residential Property Inspectors SkyTech want to ensure that all homeowners understand the importance of smoke detectors in every structure. Below are some tips from essurance and the U.S. Fire Administration on keeping your home safe from fires. Smoke detectors can help protect you and your family in the event of a fire, but they need proper maintenance to work.

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Why choose a NACHI-Certified Inspector?

Some states, unlike New Mexico, have a licensure requirement for Property Inspection Professionals.  It is important to understand that a state licensure requirement only sets a minimum standard.  Much like being “up to code”, any lower standard would be both unethical, and probably illegal. Using this “Low-Bar” example, theoretically, pretty much anyone could claim to be an experienced Property Inspection Professional. Some Professional Property Inspection Associations have absolutely NO entrance or certification requirements and, worse, some associations actually encourage their inexperienced “associates” to go out and perform real-time / fee-paid inspections for unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve “full membership”. As NACHI-Certified Professional Property Inspection Professionals, we find this practice unconscionable. FACT: NACHI rejects more than 60% of candidate inspectors who desire certification due

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Property Inspection Offers January 2019

SkyTech of New Mexico is always looking out for our real estate agents and their customers! For that reason we offer coupons and special value added services to your menu of services. Please take advantage of these specials when you schedule an inspection online or by calling us at 505.445.8300. $25 Voucher off a Standard Residential Inspection      Free Certified Home Energy Report

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Give Your Clients Some “Bang For The Buck” In 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! 2018 was a great year and we’re thankful for having the opportunity to work with professionals like YOU. We’re looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2019 and wish the best for you and your clients as well! We at SkyTech of New Mexico consistently strive to provide our Real Estate Professionals and their Clients with as much useful information as possible regarding potential listing or purchase properties, so you won’t want to pass up this valuable limited-time offer… For a limited time,YOUR SkyTech of New Mexico Team is offering a FREE Certified Home Energy Report with every Standard Residential Inspection that we perform for you! Your FREE Home Energy Reportwill help you and your clients to: Estimate

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Resolutions Are Out!

2019 Has Arrived! Many people will be optimistically setting themselves New Year’s resolutions. It seems to be an unwritten rule. Common resolutions are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money. Other people agree that they won’t be bothering with any resolutions. The problem is resolutions are hard to keep! All that wasted effort thinking them up… then they are out the window before the end of January. How about trying something different this year. Maybe it would be easier to stick to your goals for 2019! Make a list of FUN things to accomplish. Forget the pressure. Create a list of fun things to accomplish this year. No order, no time limits just a list to choose from. Go to the

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