2019 Has Arrived!

Many people will be optimistically setting themselves New Year’s resolutions. It seems to be an unwritten rule. Common resolutions are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money. Other people agree that they won’t be bothering with any resolutions. The problem is resolutions are hard to keep! All that wasted effort thinking them up… then they are out the window before the end of January. How about trying something different this year. Maybe it would be easier to stick to your goals for 2019!

Make a list of FUN things to accomplish.

Forget the pressure. Create a list of fun things to accomplish this year. No order, no time limits just a list to choose from. Go to the restaurant that you have been wanting to go to for years, take up a new hobby, learn to cook or to play an instrument, find volunteer opportunities that allow you to meet new people, read more books, or set a goal to do something kind every day for 2019. Make the things on your list something to look forward to. Don’t pressure yourself to accomplish them all.

Challenge Yourself Monthly

Pick a different task to focus on each month. Home improvement, volunteerism, money, hobbies and fitness are all great goals. Choose goals that are important to you. Challenge a family member, friend or co-worker to do this with you. Friendly competition can make things fun and exciting. Keeping the challenge short term helps keep the momentum and focus going. Reward yourself when you meet your goal each month.

Make a Top 10 list

Start by making a personal top ten idea list for 2019. Keep these ideas in mind when you make your monthly challenge. Don’t use the list as a must do but as a resource to motivate yourself when you need inspiration.