How to ensure that your New Mexico Home Inspection is performed in as thorough and professional manner as possible…

In order to make the most out of a Home Inspection in New Mexico, it’s important to work with an Inspection Company that that has the experience and technical knowledge necessary to perform a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the physical structures and systems of the home.

It is important for your Inspection Company to adhere to a comprehensive set of Standards and Practices set forth by a Nationally Recognized Certification Entity or Association such as The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI /

At a minimum, your Home Inspection should include an evaluation of the following aspects of the home:

  •  The Structure (Including the foundation, exterior siding or wall cladding, porches and entryways, eaves, soffits and fascias (if applicable), and any other visible and accessible components of the structure.
    •    The Roof (Including the exterior covering and any visible and accessible structural components).
    •    Plumbing System (Including visible and accessible supply and drainage components).
    •    Main Electrical System (Including Circuit Breaker and / or Fuse Panels, Polarity of Interior and Exterior Outlets and Connections, etc.).
    •    Central Heating and / or Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems (As Applicable)
    •    Interior Floor and Wall Components
    •    Ventilation Systems (Including bathroom exhaust and dryer vent systems)
    •    Built-In Appliances
    •    Solid-Fuel or Gas Fireplaces (as applicable)

Your SkyTech Professional Inspection Report will provide a detailed description of the above systems, as well as any problems, deficiencies, or discrepancies discovered during your inspection process in a concise, easy to read format complete with digital photos. In addition to a comprehensive evaluation of the home, your The SkyTech Team will provide you with lifetime technical advice, online scheduling and payment, and prompt, accurate, courteous service.

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