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Time To Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery

When you turn back the clocks, don’t forget to also do this 1 crucial thing When you adjust the clocks for the end of daylight saving time, make sure you do this other very important chore, too. With daylight saving ending, everyone knows its time for our clocks to fall back (to turn clocks back an hour to the appropriate new time). But there’s one more crucial task that should also be completed with every anniversary of turning the clocks (spring and fall): changing the batteries in smoke alarms, too. For the last 29 years, Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs have worked to get the word out: When you change the clock this Sunday, November 4, 2018 to end daylight saving time,

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How To Be Sure You Get A Thorough Home Inspection.

How to ensure that your New Mexico Home Inspection is performed in as thorough and professional manner as possible… In order to make the most out of a Home Inspection in New Mexico, it’s important to work with an Inspection Company that that has the experience and technical knowledge necessary to perform a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the physical structures and systems of the home. It is important for your Inspection Company to adhere to a comprehensive set of Standards and Practices set forth by a Nationally Recognized Certification Entity or Association such as The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI / At a minimum, your Home Inspection should include an evaluation of the following aspects of the home:  The Structure (Including

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Why have a New-Construction Phase-by-Phase Home Inspection?

Why request a New-Construction Phase-by-Phase Home Inspection from SkyTech New Mexico? There are plenty of good reasons to have SkyTech of New Mexico perform a comprehensive, Third-Party New Construction Phase-by-Phase Inspection on your newly built home. Buying a new house is likely one of, if not THE largest purchase decision you’ll ever make. At times, the entire process can seem to be fraught with emotion and stress. A Professional, Third-Party New Construction Phase-by-Phase Inspection performed by a SkyTech of New Mexico Professional can help to substantially reduce any risks that may be associated with your large investment. It just makes good sense to learn as much as possible about the installation and serviceability of the systems and components in you newly built home from a

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